Nomad Homes

Nomad Agent, a uber optimized way to create revenue for real estate agents in metropol cities.




Bernardo, Product Manager (ex-uber)


Native App Development

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Nomad Homes


Nomad Agent is a project of Nomad Homes to uber optimize the way real estate agents create revenue. The Product is currently in development and needed a strong team to help the Product Manager transform thego-to-market strategy into a real app. Most problematic was to make the app feel native on the android perspective. We turned what was already there into a css and nocode hybrid to make sure the screens are fluent and work as fast as a pure native app.


We provide our developer to work full time into production and fullfill tasks over the project management wich the client provides. We also are there to help resolve higher issues and frequently discuss best practices to reach high quality outcomes as this is the most important for our client.

Web App

UI/UX Design