A fleet of electric small vehicles to cruise in the area of chattanooga (tennessee) to pick you up whenever you need them.




Matt, CEO-Founder of Whip


Native App Development, UX Design

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Whip has been already proven to be profitable on themselves. They just had a very old system wich was overcomplicated and required an employee to run the organization. The Whip-team needed to build a software wich helped them achieve an uber optimized version wich was able to be automatically managed and scalable to be launched in different locations around tennessee.


We studied the requirements and thoughtfully created a wireframe to understand functionality to plan out how we are going to develop it. After we had approval from the client we continued with the UX Design and ended that milestone as well just after the approval and full revisioned version of it. The app is currently in development and is soon to be tested in the App- & iOS Store.

Web App

UI/UX Design